frequently asked questions


1. What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment, Paypal is the only payment method.

2. I don't have a Paypal account. How can I order?

You can use PayPal Guest Checkout* that will give you the option to make your purchase using a debit or credit card without the need for a PayPal account login.  Click here to see how.

*Buyers don't always have the option to make their purchases without using or creating a PayPal account. This option is presented based several risk factor, including but not limited to the buyer’s Paypal purchase history, Paypal cookies stored on the buyer’s computer, the buyer’s location and/or a credit assessment.

3. Why did you send 2 invoices?

You will receive an invoice generated automatically by Shopify/Paypal and the second one is sent by our business. This invoice is generated with goverment approved billing software (Billingo) and it is in line with the requirements of the Hungarian tax law ( requires more business info that what Shopify includes on the invoice). You can disregard this invoice.



1. How can I access my downloads?

Your downloads are available on the checkout page or through the email confirmation sent upon your purchase. In your email click the "view your order" button and you will be directed to the download page.

We recommend saving your files to your computer immediately because you will not be able to download the files through your account's purchase history.

2. I can't find the confirmation email. How can I access my downloads?

If you cannot locate your email confirmation, you can log in to your account to view your order history. Send us a message here with your order number and we can resend the confirmation email to you.

3. I ordered a kit but I only received a PDF file. How can access my files?

We can only upload one file per listing so for any listings that includes a lot of pages or the files are too big, we use Google Drive. The PDF page that you receive upon purchase includes the link to the sticker files. Click the "download" button and you will be directed to the Google Drive folder.

4. How do I unzip a folder?


1. right click on the folder you want to open

2. locate your zip extractor app in the pop-up window and select extract

3. a new folder will be created with all your files. you can now open it normally


1. many times your files automatically extract upon downloading and you can open the folder normally

2. if your zip file did not extract automatically, double click on the folder you want to open and a new folder will appear with all your files. You can now open it



1. Do you offer printed/physical stickers?

We don't offer physical stickers. All items sold in the shop are digital downloads.

2. I'm new to printables. How is this work?

In a nutshell, you purchase the sticker files that you will print and cut at home. No stickers will be shipped to you.

Once the transaction goes through you will be able to download the stickers or a PDF link to the sticker files that are stored on Google Drive. You will receive different file types and you can see which one you should choose in question #3 down below. The pages are ready-to-use, so all you have to do is print, cut and enjoy them:)

3. Which file type should I use?

.silhouette for Silhouette machine

PNG for Cricut machine

PDF for hand cutting

4. Do you include pre-cropped PNG files for digital planning?

No, pre-cropped PNG files are not included. The PNG files are 1 layer with a transparent background. You can still use the stickers in a digital planner but you will need to crop the elements one-by-one.

5. What size paper do I use?

All stickers are designed 8.5"x11", so we recommend using letter size paper. 

If you use A4 paper where you live, make sure to change the paper size to A4 in the Silhouette software to match the paper size your printing.

6. I have cut issues (cutlines are off-set, page is not registering...). How do I        fix it?

There can be many different reasons and most of the times simply restarting the machine will fix the issue but here are a few examples of what it could be.

      • registration marks are not printed clearly or part of it is cut off
      • registration marks settings are incorrect and part of the image is outside of the print and cut area
      • the cutting machine is in a too dark place and the sensors don't get enough light
      • the software is not up to date
      • the paper size setting in Silhouette Studio does not match the printer settings
      • if your cutlines are not centred, the machine is probably not calibrated correctly
Please Note!  Unfortunately I cannot offer assistance when it comes to Cricut troubleshooting because I'm not familiar with the machine and the software. If you experience any issues, we recommend doing a Youtube search where you can find many great tips and how-to videos.

7. Do you accept custom orders?

I don't accept custom orders but please feel free to send in you requests and suggestions for items you would like to see. I always take them into consideration when designing new items.



1. What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of digital items, we do not accept returns, cancellation or exchange. All sales are final. but in case you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please contact us through the store contact form.

2. I accidentally purchased a kit twice. Can I get a refund?

This is one exemption when you are eligible for a refund, credit or exchange. 

Please  contact me with your order number, I'll be happy to assist you.

3. I didn’t realise that the stickers are digital downloads and not physical              stickers. Can I can cancel my order and get a refund?

Due to the nature of digital items, we do not accept returns, cancellation or exchange once the files are downloaded.



1. How can I contact you?

Please send me a message through the store's contact form or email me at

2. I DM'ed you on Instagram. Why haven't I heard back from you yet?

I don't check my DMs every day and due to the volume of messages I receive there, I might miss some of them. If you have a question regarding your order, please use the contact form or email me at and you'll be sure to get a reply.

3. I sent and email to your customer service but I haven't received a reply.          What do I do?

We're sorry we missed your message, sometimes emails get lost!

We do our best to check the customer service emails daily Mon-Fri (excluding holidays) and send a reply no later than 48 hours. If it's been longer than that, please first check your junk mail or send us another message.



1. I forgot to apply the coupon code. Can you do it for me?

Unfortunately I cannot apply the code after the transaction was processed.

2. Can you send me a discount code?

We don't have a permanent code other than the Instagram coupon. Please give us a follow to receive 10% off:)

3. Do you have a PR discount code?

Sorry, we do not have PR codes.

4. Do you have a PR team, can I apply?

We don't have a PR team at the moment and we are currently not accepting any applications.


If you have further questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us!